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the structural -- it is too dangerous for traffic. all of these homes are in the chesapeake grants to state, a private committee that pays for the upkeep of its roads. the residents here say that it is home to hundreds of the endangered. in tiger beetle. the federal government will not allow the residents to tamper with the natural habitat. >> those 300 bugs are more important than 91 families. >> if nothing is done, there is an inevitable in the game for the people that live here. >> it will happen. >> several years ago, a little girl on the beach was killed when a piece of the cliff gave way and crushed her. in the past year, three dogs have did and may have fallen over the edge.
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>> what a scene there. the cliff that you saw there, about 500 feet is forcing drivers to take a detour. residents are worried about what will happen if a half to call the fire department. it was awfully cold outside today. a slight warm up could come over the next couple of days. the deal is here with a look at the forecast. -- doug hill i shere. -- is here. >> let's start with a look at the sunset around the area tonight. the days are slowly getting a bit longer. in the distance, we will pan around to the crossroads and that area. it is a nice evening. take a look at what we have on the weather network right now.
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30 in woodbridge. 31 in the district. the wind is strong enough to knock the wind chill down the sixers 7 degrees. we have the beginning -- 6 or 7 degrees. we have the beginning of the end here. the coldest will be to the northwest. -- notrth of us. it is the mini =-thaw -- mini- thaw of january. we will tell you what is coming next in a few minutes. >> before you head home tonight or tomorrow, go to the weather section of our web site, you can find the temperature and the forecast. following some breaking news where two people are dead in a shooting that happened in suburban atlanta. the lone gunman is in custody now. he opened fire inside the office
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killing two people and leaving three others injured. police arrested him about a mile away from the facility. this story comes out of north carolina where an explosive scare shut down the port. a forklift operator accidentally punctured one container that's build a powerful explosive. it's called petn. it cannot know what form the chemical was in. we will have more as it becomes available. to hairstylist a ride in a stretch limo, tlling the court what they knew about the party crashers at the white house. >> irwin gomez and peggy spent 2 hours being questioned by the
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secret service at the u.s. attorney's office. they testified in private about their encounter with the crashers. >> i am here to serve my country. that is all i have to say. thank you for all the support. >> the hairstylist arrived in a white, a stretch limo. the same level of service that has taken them to court for allegedly not paying $7,000 in bills. irwin gomez and peggy stepped out to a horde of media waiting at the curb. >> [unintelligible] >> the federal grand jury must decide if there is enough evidence to bring charges against the virginia couple that crashed the state dinner in november. they lied to federal investigators and fraudulently gave access to the white house.
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they spent six hours getting prepped at the salon in georgetown. they got drunk there as well. they did pay the $230 bill with a credit card. they have said publicly that she had got an invitation to the state dinner, but had left it in the car. after 1.5 hours of testimony, they left the courthouse, saying nothing about what went on inside. >> my friends know how private i am. i value their privacy, and that is the most important thing for me. thank you. >> grand jury proceedings are typically secret, but no doubt, other people have been subpoenaed to testify. we doot know when it will render a decision to go forward with an indictment or drop the whole thing. we do know that this does not heard the business of the salon. -- hurt the business of the
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salon. a neighborhood is in shock as police to investigate a murder. the group of multimillion-dollar homes, we're live with the latest. >> this is hardly typical murder scene. it is a beautiful farm. early this morning along side this driveway lined with a century old trees, a neighbor did find a body of an 18-year- old man. this was a case of murder, and the victim was shot right here. the people that live along this very rural stretch of road say that they do not know what happened here. the discovery has them rattled. >> in a nervous way. >> he works just up the street at dave's restaurant. >> you don't hear about a murder or execution in this area.
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it makes you wonder what we are going to do. >> the victim was found just before 2:00 a.m. in the driveway to a vacant 200 acre estate. a car was found nearby and was towed away by police. it is a big victorian home and rolling farm fields. it has also become a haven for the drug trade. the crime is not considered random. police say that they have good leads. and are reluctant to say much more. >> they are looking at a lot of different possibilities. >> crime scene investigators combed the scene for a metal deck are looking for clues. -- with a metal detector, looking for clues. >> i have never did anything like this happening before. >> police know that the victim's
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name. his family has not yet been notified. the 18-year-old man may have been reported missing from another maryland county. 3 leesburg girls are now home safe. they turned themselves into a police are around 1:00 this morning. they had been missing since january 6 after disappearing from the middle school. the girls are not telling police where they have been, they they do appear safe and unharmed. at the safety officer started a session yesterday, imperative to improve safety procedures for metro employees. to track workers died when a full speed train hit them. the county needs to close a
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budget gap. a proposed bus service cuts -- and the routes with the fewest writers or those with nearby alternative service will be the most effective. most people have discovered the new 5 cent feet on every bag given out in the district. how many different stores are going to be collecting those nickels. >> we're all getting used to the concept ofpaying for plastic pags -- bags, that is, if we don't bring a reusable bag with us. there are other places and the district other than grocery stores where you can be charged for a plastic bag. 12 days into the district's plastic bag feet, and there is still confusion. >> i think more explanation
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should have been given. >> of the misconception is that the fee is only applicable to grocery store bags. the 5 cent fee is for any store that has a food or alcohol license. judy smith learned that this morning when shopping for a -- at bed bath and beyond. she put her merchandise right in her purse. >> it is obviously not, because i had other things that or not groceries. >> she was charged at target. >> i would have bought more, except that i don't want to pay the nickel. >> 4 cents goes to clean up the river, with one cent going to
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the merchant. >> it affects any store that has a license, because that is when the bags get from the ground. -- thrown on the ground. >> they're watching the fee very closely. lawmakers in both states prepared to propose similar measures during the next legislative session. coming up >abc 7news at 5:00, another dangerous metal. >> and caught on tape, two young girls hit by a car that speeds away. both of em survive. >> and why you won't be seeing the first lady on ads.
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>> and workers say that their office building is making them sick. office building is making them sick.
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government workers say that
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their office is making them sick. >> we go inside the building that they say is the center of the problem. we are joined with the story. >> 3000 people work inside this building. some believe is so full of other pollutants, it is making people sick. >> i am not sick. >> if you asked, some say yes. >> i was off on vacation for a weaker too. when i come back, -- for a week or two. when i come back, i have respiratory problems. >> when you ask others -- >> i think they just complain. >> it is drab, corridors with so little light that people say it
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is 10 floors of basement. years of internal spills and stagnant air, there are problems. >> they tell me it is black mold, some of e worst mold that you can find. >> the union said they paid for the air steady. they also surveyed the members, and 13% of the building a dam sec. >> when they left -- made them sick. >> they admit the building is old, and they will do major renovations soon. the old department of transportation building happens to be abandoned and renovated because it was being sick. the union wants out of the building as quickly as possible. the union president says that he
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would like to see the building leveled. manager and says that that is not going happen. they just what it renovated said that it is greener and bring in more sunlight. reporting live, sam four, abc seven news. if year-old service was held for the mothe of vice president joe biden. the 92-year-old died on friday after falling ill. president barack obama and first lady michele attended the ceremony. people from the ethical treatment of animals used photos of michele obama and an anti campaign because the first lady does not wear fur. they took a stand against the ringling brothers for the baby elephant barack. they contd that the animals are well cared for.
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frigid temperatures are still permeating parts of the u.s.. the cold snap has been a fast -- especially tough on florida crops. corn and green bean crops died, the weather with temperatures in the '40's is expected come tomorrow. a dog is back home after falling through a patch of sand i spano, a pond. a neighbor called 911 after noticing -- firefighters used a long pole to reach the dog goes a color. they were able to carefully guide him back to shore. that is a lucky pop, hu -- pup, huh? the cold weather will continue. we have been talking about the mini january thaw.
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maybe we can build a better next friday and saturday. we have a slight, temporary moderation of temperatures. let's look at the weatherbug network. riverdale, md., temperatures holding in a 30's. in the 30's. -- holding in the 30's. 30 degrees the current temperature. let's talk about other numbers around the area. temperatures are running about four degrees cooler than yesterday. 32 in hagerstown, 32 in gaithersburg. we have a bit of a breeze. as we get to the evening hours, the wind will diminish and the temperatures will fall. already, temperatures -- we have seen this pattern.
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notice the numbers to the north are not dramatically cold single digits that we saw at the end of last week. we can deal with this. the numbers are starting to war made it -- warm a bit. the same air mass east and southeast -- a little snow. now we're seeing a few flurries around the great lakes. temperatures will fall to a pretty low levels. tomorrow, the coldest air up to the north and east. that is a big improvement. the center of the high-pressure will slowly move over had late tomorrow and through thursday. that will allow additional warming. not quite for shorts and flip-
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flops' yet. the milder temperatures moved in -- the air mass moves in on wednesday. by the time friday roles and, it changes for the holiday weekend. the computer model is starting to make the case for a coaal storm system that cld move to the northeast. certainly, a lot of rain to the south is something to keep an eye on. here is your express'. at 28 tonight. a cold night ahead. as we get close to the 40 degree mark, we will improve that on thursday. we just paint a lot of clouds late saturday, sunday. martin luther king day is on monday. >> there is a lot more improvement. >> we will take that. tonight on open scrubs --
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"scrubs," jd's life will change. >> we will be back to our normal sex life in six weeks. >> those books are full of lies. >> you can watch and all new "scrubs" at 9)- -- 9:00. >> you do know these things, far better than i. driven over the past few days, projecting the shoppers. >> and a way to cut your risk for answers -- cancer. >> i remember that i was laying down on the floor. >> i remember that i was laying down on the floor. >> coming up next, the svivor
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shocking video of a hit and run caught on tape. >> this video is disturbing. both of the young victims did manage to survive. >> the video is hard to watch. the 14-year-old and her niece attempt to cross a loss angeles street and it by a driver and a
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white sedan. an impact sending the girls 30 feet. horrifying because of the severity, astounding because the drivers keep going. dracula's because both girls actually survive. >> i remember that -- the teenager suffered a broken pelvis, and the three-year-old a skull fracture, a broken leg and ankle. they're thankful the kids is survived, but she can't fathom how the driver, believed to be a woman, left the children for dead. >> she did not stop to see if they were ok. they could have helped us out. she kept on going. surveillance video recorded hit and run and the car involved.
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>> there is something else that could help them solve this hit and run case instantly. the conscience of the driver. they're hoping that the driver will step up, do the right thing, and come forward. >> coming up on abc news at 5:00, children's jewelry. we are on their side with a look. >> uncovered in a very unlikely place. a local university bathroom. place. a local university bathroom. >> a rash of armed robberies, w
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announcer: whether it's earning a promotion... they're the culmination of lots of hard work. the graduate school has more ways to get you the knowledge you need to reach your next goal, your next great moment, with continuing education programs to fit your schedule and lifestyle. learn more. visit...
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captioned by the national captioning institute convenience stores are turning into a convenient place for thieves to rob. several 7-11's have been targeted by the same group of thieves. we're live with the story. and we have video of some of the robberies. >> police want to take -- wanted to take a very close look. the target 7-11's. the robberies happened early in the morning, and the thieves are armed. this is video shot from one of
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the three stores la rasa don st. -- one of the three stores robbed on january 6. >> they act as customers, and then they make their move. >> five stores have been hit since new year's eve. three on january 6 between 2:00 at 5:00 in the morning. these suspects are responsible for those robberies. not tidies robberies, it held up the other to just before midnight. at the latest was early this morning down the street. >> you can see police coming in and out of here, checking on different teenagers and young adults that gather. >> it is hard times, but that is not the way to do it. >> they are just part of a rash of convenience store robberies and as part of montgomery county.
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this gas station has been robbed four times. the latest robbery was early friday morning. it was right next door to the 7- 11 that was robbed on new year's eve. right now, police are not linking the robberies to the minimart, but they are concerned about all of this. reporting live from the newsroom, abc seven news. u.s. marshals are looking for a man for stabbing a woman right in front of her son. they found david hiding in an apartment on devon shire court in manassas. he tried to fight a protective order and stabbed his ex- girlfriend insider rahm more than a dozen time -- inside her,
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more than a dozen time. -- times. a former teacher will spend the next three years on supervised probation for kissing and fondling a student. 48-year-old robert rich has to register as a sex offender. the investigation began that she'd -- when the girl admitted having a consensual relationship. the first noticed the gas their last friday. again yesterday, officials decided to close down because it is a safety precaution. no one has reported any problems. district officials are launching an initiative to fight hiv. part of the partnership, leaders plan to explore new prevention strategies for at risk populations. the program also measure the
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impact of treatment within the district. >> we know the dangers of talking on cell phones and text in while driving, but somebody people still do i we are on their side with what is being done to change driver's behavior. >> when it comes to using your blackberry, blue tooth, it is being compared to mothers against drunk driving. do you text in the car? >> of course not. >> said with a little sarcasm, they will tell on others. involving distracted drivers in 2008, it includes drivers putting on makeup or reading. the u.s. department of transptation launched a program to raise awareness of distractions on the road.
5:35 pm
it is not funded by the government, just endorsed. >> [unintelligible] >> jennifer smith is heading the program, getting involved when her mother was killed in 2008. the driver ran a red light and hit her mother pose a car while talking on the cellphone. >> i have had a couple -- it only takes a second. >> only states have the authority to ban drivers from using cell phones. 20 states that ban texting while driving. charles schumer is pushing a bill to ban texting while driving. let's check and see how the roads are. >> start on 270 northbound.
5:36 pm
the only slow down is right here where you see, at montgomery village avenue -- it wants to get up to the river, we have another slowdown after 7th street. this is the only slow down you will see. on the outer loop, before that, over to the greenbelt metro. 395 running without incident. getting southbound on 95 after springfield, that is a look at traffic. coming up, a new warning on children's dory. >> and how a c of -- children's jewelry. >> and airlines are increasing children's jewelry. >> and airlines are increasing how much
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following some breaking news coming out of haiti were a strong, 7.3 magnitude earthquake
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has hit just south of the capital. it caused a hospital to collapse. a cameraman saw at all happen. it should come in our newsroom. unbelievable. moving on now, smoking has put an estimated 90 million americans at risk for lung cancer. >> there is an easy way to significantly reduce the risk. it is as simple as drinking a cup of green tea. he drinks green tea every day. >> i don't do it for any health benefits, mostly because i enjoy it. >> for smokers, the health benefits could be significant. a taiwanese study found that smokers a drink at least 1 cup of green tea a day reduced their risk for lung cancer 12 times. it reduced the risk of lung
5:41 pm
cancer for non-smokers as well. green tea has long been studied for its health benefits because it contains powerful anti- oxidants. customers are not always sure which benefits are rumors or fact. >> people that asked for green tea tend to know or have heard rumors of a health benefits. >> the american cancer society says that these results stand out because it was well controlled, with humans, and specifically looked at the role of genetics. >> this opens up a number of different areas, particularly looking at genetic factors. >> smokers should not look to bring tea as a miracle drug. >> it can help change the possibility, but it will not prevent it.
5:42 pm
>> to protect from second-hand smoke -- >> i will tell my wife that. >> i think the best option is quitting, but if there is something you can do to offset the effect, there is nothing but benefit to you. >> experts agree that a cup of green tea every day is easy, won't cause harm, and could potentially be beneficial. the most effective way for a smoker to decrease the risk of lung cancer is to quit smoking. >> part advice, but the best advice. good news for women struggling with their weight. a little bit of fat is good for you. >> a really nasty battle. -- metal.
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it's three days like you've never experienced. it changes you. you can't be the same after you do the event. ♪ whoa, she's a pink warrior (woman) it's 60 miles of feeling invincible. (man) susan g. komen 3-day for the cure. register today or request information and a free promise ring at i walk to show that breast cancer didn't beat me. i am a pink warrior because i want to see an end to this disease. register today for the komen 3-day for the cure, because everyone deserves a lifetime.
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tonight, walmart is pulling off a store shelves -- >> it contains a dangerous metal
5:46 pm
known as cadmium. john? >> doctors say that is a nasty heavy metal that has no business in children's stores. that is exactly where it has been found. this time, it is in the form of jewelry. the government investigates the product while stores around the country have already pulled them. they may look harmless, but test results from the associated press show certain pieces of children's story contain alarming levels of the hazardous metal. they found a dozen of them containing it. >> compared the lead, is more toxic. it is a known carcinogen. it is highly toxic to adults and children. >> some of the tory proved to be 80% or 90% cadmium. they were sold at dollar stores,
5:47 pm
and flip-flop bracelets from walmart. >> it is really nasty metal to put in jewelry. >> prices have dropped, making it a cheaper option in manufacturing. not to mention, using the metal is not specifically prohibited. china's products safety commission pledges to investigate. in the meantime, the u.s. is launching an investigation of its own, and circulating the warning. >> i would highly encourage all of you to ensure that toy manufacturers and childr's product manufacturers in your country are not substituting cadmium in place of lead. >> in more than trace amounts, it is illegal, but not banned from jewelry. experts say that if you have suspicious toys, return them, but don't throw them away.
5:48 pm
the metal can contaminate ground water. maryland residents can be paying a little more to drink alcohol. the coalition for alcohol tax supporters are wanting aime-a- drink tax on booze. supporters of the bill say it would raise almost $200 million and help save lives by reducing alcohol abuse. the liquor tax in maryland is the lowest in the country. the type of fat that collects on the thighs and the rear and takes a little longer to build up and break down than abdominal fat. can act as a trap for molecules that could clogged blood vessels throughout the body. it is not a license to eat junk food as that collects around the waist where it is dangerous for your health.
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an exhibit at the catholic university is showcasing a very special find. this is an authentic etching done by rembrandt, the seventeenth century dutch artist. the university's president actually found it stuffed in the bathroom cabinet. >> we sent it off and learned from our appraiser that it is a real rembrandt. we are happy, but so shocked. we were not quite sure what to do with this original rembrandt. >> how about that? the exhibit is located in the campus library, free and open to the public. >> pretty express -- impressive. dodge gut check your bathroom and see where you can find. -- >> go check your bathroom and see what you can find.
5:50 pm
the obama administration has a weighted deal with banks that handed out big bonuses. it will additional taxes do the trick? or will customers and up footing the bill again. -- end up footing the bill again? we will talk to you at 6:00. and finally, temperatures are heading in the right direction. >> tomorrow, they will be headed in the right direction. it to buy, they are headed down as we have one more cold night to deal with. let's start out whether coverage with a lot of the earth and space lab in frederick, md aryland. temperatures got into the upper 30's in frederick for a while. in fact, right now, reported 29 degrees. 28 degrees in waldorf.
5:51 pm
let's take a look at the forecast as we enter the area. another cold night at, 18 to 24 degrees by morning. we will have when speeds early morning at 5-10 miles an hour. that will lift to the northeast during the day. temperature is will climb to nearly 40 degrees tomorrow with bright sunshine throughout the day. a little warmer temperatures up thursday and friday. we could hit 50. a cold front over the holiday weekend will keep an eye on the storm system that couldring rainfall. the threat of salisbury minimal. we will watch this closely for the rest of the week. tim is watching the redsns ran out. >> the redskins coach is working overtime to get the coaches that
5:52 pm
he wants, interviewed members of the staff last thursday. the bgals were the team that gave them a hefty raise. he will stay in cincinnati. he was in town yesterday to meet with mike. he has not yet been offered the job. he is the interim head coach of the rams. yesterday, i told you that he was trying to set a new town. he emphasized the word discipline. they were interviewed by authorities about the case today. the distraction is only part of the problem. >> he says he has seen enough. >> there will be disciplined. >> they let off steam before practice today. they cited conduct detrimental to the team.
5:53 pm
today, he shed light on his decision. >> i never, ever met a player that asked about him. the main thing, my main focus is to change the number of players. until that changes, those guys as players don't have a chance. if you are 6 ft. 10, 6 ft. 11, -- >> he did credit a few of them for their commitment, but left out a lot of names in the process. >> they're probably more motivated and excited about doing things with the team right now. i see where they're at. >> the players that don't come around his way of thinking to go i set them on the bench. -- his way of thinking --
5:54 pm
>> i set them on the bench. >> that was straight up. discipline. >> that was straight up. discipline. announcer: whether it's earning a promotion... they're the culmination of lots of hard work. the graduate school has more ways to get you the knowledge you need to reach your next goal, your next great moment, with continuing education programs to fit your schedule and lifestyle. learn more. visit...
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controversy is growing after the closure of a restaurant owned by a washington redskin. >> he went to borrow money, and never saw it again. >> i gave my friend a loan. >> he is blowing the whistle on the former redskins linebacker and his failed restaurant that abruptly shut its doors just before christmas, leaving employees in the cold. >> many of them, it was the only source of income. >> the focus on marketing and business development. he claims that he gave arrington a series of loans totaling $68,000 to keep the restaurant opened after the former football star declared bankruptcy this
5:58 pm
summer. >> they had to pay their employees, they paid the rent to keep the place going. we thought we were helping, and we were digging a bigger role. >> the deal was that carrington would pay back the loan. there would also receive 40% of weekly profits. but it was money that he never saw. he claims that carrington owes him a total of over $300,000. he says that airing 10 -- arrington won't return his phone calls. after trying the attorneys with no calls back, they tried to talk show. >> he is obviously making money. >> i can't really discuss any of
5:59 pm
his personal matters. >> de answer viewers' calls about the allegation. the -- as ferber work, he says he is suing. -- for brewer, he says he's suing. it coming up, what the obama administration has to say about handing out millions of dollars of executive bonuses. >> live, and in hd. this is abc 7 breaking news. we begin tonight with a breaking news from the caribbean. >> a powerful earthquake has caused a hospital to collapse in haiti. it measured at 7.34. you can

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